Chute gerdeman internship

I interned at Chute Gerdeman during the Fall Semester of 2016.  I worked as a part of the Digital Design Lab, assisting the designers with visualizations of the spaces they created.

I would work on all parts of the visualization process, from initial modeling to texturing, lighting, rendering, and post production.

I also assisted with virtual models to be used for Virtual Reality Visualization.

Crawford hoying - dublin park apartments

Throughout this project I worked to model low poly, game ready assets for interior and exterior scenes.  This was my first professional project involving game development.  The finished program was still being developed when I left but an early demo is shown below


A lot of my work was on Starbucks which mainly involved taking scenes from Sketchup or Revit and adding textures, lights, and better models in order to get a more realistic rendering.  Most of these would be around 20 hours of work with two rounds of revisions

SBX 296 PDX Airport

SBX 299 Intercontinental hotel chicago

SBX 319 Nashville Tennessee

SBX 179 Savannah Georgia

SBX 335 Detroit MichigaN

SBX 339 Hilton Headquarters, Virginia

SBX 345 Indiana Toll Road

Various Airport Kiosks


I worked directly with the designers to develop this airport kiosk concept for Chick-Fil-A with the end result shown below.