Microsoft Hololens Experiments

During my summer semester I was given the opportunity to develop applications for the Microsoft Hololens with the Unity game engine.  I worked with Microsoft's SDKs as well as other tools in order to test the new platform.  Unfortunately, I was only given a week to build an application and had to stop while trying to build a program that would allow two Hololens users to view a 3D model in a collaborative environment.  I hope to continue developing more programs once I get access to the Hololens' again.

Blimp Game

The first project I developed was a simple game where you could shoot missiles at blimps flying around you.  The game was created in Unity.

Animation & Spatial Mapping Test

More recently I've been working on the more advanced functionalities of the Hololens.  In this demo I was able to successfully integrate Spatial Mapping utilize the occlusion you can see when the character goes behind the wall.